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Before You Write A Review.. Remember Your Reviewing People.. Who Care And Do Make Mistakes

The Age Of Yelp, Google, And Trip Advisor

Yelp, Google, and trip Advisor are the biggest social media review sights on Earth and their impact can have a catastrophic effect on your local restaurants. It is great to express your opinion, but remember, the punishment should fit the crime. At least offer the restaurant the chance to make amends.

Age Of Reviews

But Something Disappeared In The Age Of Customer Online Reviews Which Can Hurt You

We are conditioned by chains and bad experiences that no one cares. We learn that companies and restaurant chains are just low paid sycophants who do not have the ear of the companies or restaurant’s decisionmakers. This is not the case with a Mom and Pop or family owned restaurant. The owner:

  • Prepares your food
  • Knows and listens to every waitperson and kitchen staff person
  • Wants to hear from the customers and patrons

Argyles is this kind of restaurant. We don’t have just customers, we have family. We treat every visitor as family. Everyone who comes in is a person and we want you to be happy and we WANT to listen. As a society, we are so quick to express our rage that we forget we can actually make a difference by:

  • Getting an audience with the restaurant
  • Getting the problem with our meal or service fixed

How your review impacts the business

Impact Of Reviews

Why do people complain on Yelp instead of speaking with the owner of the business to see if they can rectify a situation first? Over the course of many years people tend to think that they can rant and rave on a website with the review without considering the consequences on the business. I understand if a business has done something horrific to you and there’s no way to get past it. But in a restaurant sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.

An example

An example of this if you order a steak, or prime rib and when you cut into it is grizzly or fatty. We cannot determine this until after you cut into the steak. Immediately most restaurants will make you another piece. Sometimes things get a little bit more done than we like and we can’t tell until you cut into it. But we want it to be perfect

What we ask of our friends and customer family..

Give the restaurant an opportunity to make amends for this. That restaurant will make sure that that second piece of steak is perfect for you. If you immediately go on to yelp and trip adviser or any of the other numerous websites to write a nasty review, you have not given the restaurant a chance to make it better. Everyone deserves a second chance.

All Fall Short

I am sure that in our lives everybody has done something that they wish they could do over or do better. What if nobody ever gave you a chance. It would be a pretty sad world that we live in.

Put Yourself In Our Wait Shoes…Just For A Moment

What if a customer unfairly complained about your job performance and you got fired before you even had a chance to try and fix it. I have always been of the opinion that when people go out to eat they should have at some point in their lives had to wait on tables. It is a humbling experience to see just what it is like to be on the receiving end of somebody who is in a bad mood or just is miserable at the moment the server arrives at the table.

Here is a piece that everyone will like to hear,

When I go out to eat if there is going to be a problem it is always my meal. Being a chef, I never get angry. I tell the waitperson and they take immediate action. I can see their faces as they listen to the problem, it goes like this “ oh god there goes my tip”.

The kitchen makes the mistake and the server pays the price.

They work for $2.13 an hour and depend on the tips to make their living. She goes back to the kitchen and tells them of the error, then she tells them, this person was so nice about this, can we get this done quickly for them? .

Give The Waitperson A Chance To Make It Right..

Dealing with restaurant disputesOf course they jump right on it. There is an old saying, you get more with sugar than you get with vinegar, even if you are right, being kind goes a long way when dealing with a server or the public. Additionally, many restaurants will go the extra mile for you and give you a free dessert to make up for the error

So Be Kind In OUR Restaurant Office Because You Are Our Boss

We all have feelings and most of us want to do right by one another so remember to think about giving the restaurant that chance to make your meal a good one even if they have messed the first one up. Remember this is our office and you are the boss. If we make a mistake, tell us and let us fix it.

Thank you so much…